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1940 - Retreat to Dunkirk

£675 (£175 single supplement)

25-28th May 2023 ​

Battlefield Guides: Dan Hill and Dr Spencer Jones

A tour following the early weeks of the Second World War in North-West Europe as German armoured formations utilising the famed ‘Blitzkreig’ tactics smashed into British and French forces in France and Belgium, necessitating a withdrawal which eventually led to the beaches of Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo. 

Dunkirk Day 4.jfif

1914 - The Great Retreat

£675 (£145 single supplement)

14-17th September 2023

Battlefield Guides: Dan Hill and Dr Spencer Jones

A tour following the British Expeditionary Force’s famous ‘Great Retreat’ of 1914 which saw endurance and fortitude pushed to their limits as both British and French forces withdrew towards Paris under intense pressure, whilst simultaneously turning and delivering vital stopping blows to the pursuer. Covering key actions around St Quentin, Nery, Crepy-en-Valoir, the Aisne and the famous final Battle on the Marne, this tour will lift the lid in a fascinating and much under-studied part of the Great War.

Retreat from Mons.jpg

Peninsular War Battlefield Tour

£1650 (£300 single supplement)

19-26th September 2023

Battlefield Guides: Dan Hill and Marcus Cribb

An epic six-night, seven-day Battlefield Tour covering Spain and Portugal which will see us exploring some of the most important and iconic sites of the Peninsular War. In the company of expert guides, we will visit and study the Battles of Rolica, Vimeiro, Oporto, Bussaco, Almeida, Fuentes De Onoro, Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz to name just a few!

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