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Personalised learning from home


Having worked closely with schools and educational institutes for a number of years, I am fully acquainted with the historical specifications for all major GCSE Exam boards and am pleased to be able to offer tailored one-to-one online history tutoring sessions, each bespoke you the student's requirements. 

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Sometimes when it comes to really understanding aspects of history it takes a little more than can be delivered in a traditional classroom setting with limited time. I specialise in military history, hold a Masters Degree in the subject and have an in-depth knowledge of the first and second world wars in particular. As such, I am pleased to be able to offer group online tutoring sessions for students wishing to further understand the subject. With targeted goals and each session bespoke to the group, I am able to focus on improving understanding and knowledge in specific areas as well as developing a broader knowledge of general historical enquiry. 

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