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Inspiring the next generation

Of all the tools available to educators today when it comes to teaching military history, there is no doubt that one of the most powerful methods can be found in giving students the opportunity to actually engage and interact with historic artefacts. 

Over the last four years I have been proud to have delivered educational outreach sessions to literally thousands of schoolchildren around the United Kingdom - as resident historian for the UK Government's Great War Debate series and as project manager for the Herts at War Project. 

Each session is tailored to the audience and usually consists of displaying and discussing a wide range of reproduction and original items of kit, uniform, artefacts, weapons and much more. By directly involving students in an outreach session and delivering accurate and interesting historical content, I feel that outreach sessions can be an incredibly powerful learning tool.  

Working with expert colleagues, I have previously delivered entire school events for hundreds of students at one time and can cater for almost any number of students or topic. 

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