Probably the most powerful aspect of working as a military historian is when I get the chance to guide families, groups, students and societies around the battlefields of Europe. I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate in having guided more than 100 tours to the battlefields of France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Spain over the last few years and to have met some fascinating people along the way. Each tour offers something different, whether it is taking a family in the footsteps of a loved one on the Somme, helping schoolchildren understand the complexities of the fighting around the Ypres Salient, describing the battle of Berlin in a city that shows precious few signs of the ferocity of the fighting or leading adult groups underground in search of the unseen aspects of warfare, each has its own challenges and own rewards.

Over the last six years of guiding, I have led many tours to numerous battlefields and pride myself on being able to deliver interesting, accurate history, tailored to each audience with passion and enthusiasm.  

Amongst the locations that I regularly guide are:



The Somme




Neuve Chapelle

The Spring Offensive

The 100 Days




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